Felix Moog =D

Anonymous asked: Have you ever played any instruments and if not have you ever considered playing any?

I play piano, if your looking to make music its great to have some basic knowledge of theory and having a instrument helps a ton, especially piano.


Anonymous asked: what was the name of the song you did for voxel box

Ive done numerous amounts of songs with the voxelbox modpack, you can find them and download them at their website www.voxelwiki.com however you have to download the modpack and sift through the files in order to get them!


Anonymous asked: How long dose it take you to make music

It can take as little as a few hours to a few months.

I’ve still got old projects knocking around on my computer, you find that happens a lot when producing. 


Anonymous asked: Can I use your version of Self Destruct by the Pegboard Nerds from your Easter 2013 Mixtape in my YouTube outro? If so, how should I credit you, and/or the original song author? Thanks!

Hey mate!

The song is copyrighted meaning you cant use it in your youtube videos. Especially if you monetize or show ads on them. 

If you desperately want it, buy the track and put it on crediting and linking to pegboard nerds.

However what I suggest is that you go to a royalty free music website and use one of their tracks. Incompetech is a popular one and free too, its licenced under the creative commons licence meaning you can use any tracks (and monetize them) provided you link them in the videos description.



unknown-yet-colourless asked: you tend to get a lot of anon questions, also, i like your music :p

Yeh, I love answering them though, Im glad you enjoy it =P


Anonymous asked: I like Cheese

I like cake, so ill make us a cheesecake.


Anonymous asked: Hey, can You make more "Dubai preview 1" style music? I love it :D

I am considering doing some more chillout and progressive stuff so perhaps =D


Anonymous asked: How or where did you lern making stuff with fruity loops? I also want to do some awesome stuff!

I seem to remember getting the demo version of fruity loops and learning it inside out. Learn how to use every button and switch via youtube tutorials.

With the knowledge you should be able to then let your creativity take control!


Anonymous asked: i need the sountrack of minecraft pls

Hard way: Tweet @C418 and beg for it.

Easy way: Buy it off itunes. 


Anonymous asked: Can I use one of your music clips for my youtube intro?

Sure mate, As long as you provide credit and a link.